PCIe-5 12V-2×6 and 12VHPWR custom sleeved cables

This specific tutorial will teach you how to sleeve the 12 power wires of a 12V-2×6 / 12VHPWR PCie-5 connector with MDPC-X Micro-Sleeve.

If you want to sleeve the 4 even smaller signal / side-band wires, you will find some great inspiration here -> PCIe-5 12V-2×6 and 12VHPWR signal / side-band guide

Let’s start making custom PCIe-5 power cables!

You should have the following items and tools:

  • 12V-2×6 / 12VHPWR PCIe-5 connector and crimp terminals
  • 17-AWG / 1.00 mm² wire (not less!) with a maximum outer diameter of 2.0 mm
  • Clear / transparent heat-shrink which shrinks down to 1.5 mm
  • Lighter or butane torch
  • Nail scissor
  • Utility knife or precision knife or wire-stripper
  • diagonal cutter
  • Long nose plier
  • Measurement tool (we measure in millimeter in this guide)
  • Crimping tool with the capability to crimp 15 to 16-AWG
The items and tools you need.
Strip the wire on a length of 6 mm.
Cut very straight through the sleeve,
Melt the cut just very slightly, not too much. The sleeve must be relatively flat at the cut, not too round.
Put the sleeve onto the wire. The flat sleeve must be in vertical position inside the crimp terminal. Position the sleeve and wire exactly as shown. This is absolutely critical for success or failure! The sleeve must be inside the rear wings, but must also end just before the conductor wings of the crimp terminal.