Which objects can be sleeved?

All you can sleeve!

You can put sleeve onto tubular objects, flat objects and most other object shapes with a „length“ geometry. The objects can be curved, straight, soft, hard, flexible or rigid. Typical objects are wires, cables, tubes, hoses and rods.

Can the object be sleeved?

As long as you have access to the object from one end, you can put sleeve onto it. If the object can not be accessed from one end at all, you need to find a way to get access to it by disassembling parts, modifying parts or by cutting the object.

There are 3 difficulty levels of objects:

  1. Easy: No object on the accessible end of the object.
  2. Intermediate: A slightly bigger object on the accessible end of the object.
  3. Advanced: A too big object on the accessible end of the object.

You could theoretically just take a gigantic sleeve and throw everything into it, but we want to cover the slightly more interesting approach – both technically and aesthetically.


Once you picked your object, you will learn how to calculate which sleeve size is suitable for your specific object. Let’s continue with most simple math!

Choosing the right sleeve size.