Choosing the right sleeve size.

If your object is not tubular (convert circumference to diameter):

  • Just put a tape, band or similar around your object to measure the circumference (in millimeter).
  • Then use simple math: Divide the measured circumference by 3.14. The result will be the diameter in mm.
  • Example: You measured a circumference of 40 mm. You divide 40 mm by 3.14 and get the result of 12.73 mm. Now choose a sleeving size, which covers a diameter range that includes the measured diameter of 12.73 mm.

We will start with the easiest situation: An object with no obstacle in the way. The techniques you learn here will also apply to all other sleeving situations. Learn this and you will learn everything.


With all the important theory completed, let’s go sleeving.

How to cut a sleeve